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Can my boat sink?

Yes it can. Any part of boat with higher specific weight than the water’s can sink.

When is the right moment to activate the BRS system?

Do not hesitate to use the BRS system. The BRS system should be prepared immediately after the ingress of water into the boat and activated when you realize that the bilge pump cannot do its job.

Can I fix the damaged boat and pump water out of the boat when it floats with help of your system or should I have the boat towed into the dock?

In case of minor damage to the hull, this is possible. However, we advise you to return to a shipyard or marina as soon as possible and have the damaged vessel professionally repaired.

You advise that the buoyancy bags should be filled up to 80% of the total volume. Does that mean that the BRS system does not work with full capacity? 


Our advice is that the bags should be filled to about 80% of the total volume because the cooled carbon dioxide will expand to the maximum volume of the bag.

Is it possible that the BRS filling nozzle does not work because of damage or dirt in it?

The BRS filling nozzle is vacuum packed, therefore dirt cannot clog up vital parts. The nozzle is also protected by a special micro filter. All the BRS filling nozzles are pre-tested.

Is it possible to sail a boat which floats with help of the BRS system?

Of course it is possible. But please note that the damaged boat cannot resist the tension under sails as before. We advise you to make a help call and wait.

Can the damaged boat resist the pressure from buoyancy bags?

Yes, it can if the boat is in good condition. The pressure from the bags will spread over the whole hull of the boat.

Can I reuse the BRS SYSTEM?

No. The BRS system is designed for a single use. The BRS filling nozzle and buoyancy bags should be replaced with new ones after being expanded.

How often do I need to maintain the CO2 fire extinguisher? Do filling nozzle and buoyancy bags need any control service?

The CO2 fire extinguisher of the BRS system does not require service for two years. After two years it needs to be checked once a year. The BRS filling nozzles and buoyancy bags do not require service, because they are designed for single use. If you have prevented the sinking of the boat with our BRS system, we will replace the old system with a new one.

Is it possible that the buoyancy bag explodes if it is overfilled?

Practically not. When the bag is full, the excess air will escape out of the bag through the nozzle. We recommend to fill the bags up to 80% of the total volume, because cold carbon dioxide will expand after warming.

What is the difference between a dry powder fire extinguisher and a CO2 fire extinguisher?

CO2 fire extinguisher uses:
• Fires involving equipment such as computers, or generators (‘electrical’ fires)
• Fires involving some flammable liquids, such as petrol, diesel, and paint (‘class B’ fires)

Dry powder fire extinguisher uses:
• Fires involving flammable solids, such as paper, wood, and textiles (‘class A’ fires)
• Fires involving flammable liquids, such as petrol, diesel, and paint (‘class B’ fires)
• Fires involving flammable gases, such as butane and methane (‘class C’ fires)
• Electrical fires involving electrical equipment up to 1000v

We recommend that the CO2 fire extinguisher from the BRS system is used as additional safety equipment, which is usable for firefighting and for filling bags. Do not remove the pre-installed fire extinguishers.

Is the CO2 fire extinguisher suitable for firefighting?

Of course it is. In fact, the CO2 fire extinguisher is made for firefighting.

Does the use a CO2 fire extinguisher inside the boat represent any risk of suffocation?

One fire extinguisher with 2 kg of CO2 contains about one cubic meter of carbon dioxide. Compared to the entire boat capacity, this is a very low concentration. We recommend good ventilation of the boat after using the CO2 fire extinguisher.

Carbon dioxide has a very low temperature at release from the fire extinguisher. Does this mean it can be dangerous?

No. Despite the fact that carbon dioxide reaches the temperature of minus 70⁰C and less at release from fire extinguisher, there is no risk of any harm. The BRS nozzle is designed to warm the CO2 with atmospheric air.

How is possible to fill up to 5100 l of buoyancy bags with a 2 kg CO2 fire extinguisher?

This is possible due to our patented BRS nozzle, which can suck additional environmental air in a ratio of 1:4.

Is it possible that a buoyancy bag gets deflated because of a piercing or cut?

This is possible, but very unlikely. There are no sharp edges on a boat, which could pierce or cut the bags.

What is the pressure inside the buoyancy bag?

The pressure inside the bags varies depending on the depth. The bag is not supposed to sink below 2 meters of depth. In this case, the pressure in the bag is 0.2 bar. On average, bags do not sink more than a meter deep.

Why should I buy your BRS system?

The BRS system is currently a unique system in the world to prevent the boat from sinking and fire.

Which BRS system is suitable for my boat? How many bags do I need for my 37ft sailboat with the displacement of 20.000lb = 9070kg?

For this size of the boat, one big BRS system kit6 with 6 buoyancy bags and one small BRS system kit4 with 4 buoyancy bags are enough. In general, one big BRS system kit6 suffices for the length up to 33ft (10m) and 2 big BRS system kits6 with 12 bags suffice for the length up to 46ft (14m).
In fact, every calculation is individual. What is important is the specific weight of the boat. The bags have to compensate for the weight of all parts of the boat whose specific weight exceeds 1000 kg/m3, e.g. the engine, anchor, chains, mast, keel, …. . In other words, the bags have to compensate for the weight of all parts which are not floating (buoyant).

After I log in on your webpage, will I have any benefits?

Yes, you will. Once you have logged in on, you can use the BRS member code, which brings discounts for our products in the online shop. You can find more information on “my account” page.

Your distributor covers my country, but I prefer buying online. Will you deliver to my address in this case?

Yes. We deliver to any shipping address you specify in your account page.

Do the prices include VAT and shipping cost?

No. The prices exclude VAT and shipping cost. VAT and shipping cost are calculated on the checkout form. VAT is 22%, and the shipping cost depends on your shipping address.

What does BRS mean?

BRS is an abbreviation for “Boat Rescue System”. The word “system” means that the BRS protects your boat from sinking and from fire as well.

Where can I buy the BRS system?


The BRS SYSTEM is available in our BRS webshop and from our distributor indicated on CONTACT page.

Split shot of the sail boat on surface and its underwater view